Free to Be

FREE TO BE -Project 101081200

The project will be an ERASMUS-EDU-2021-VIRT-EXCH-IPA according to Erasmus Plus Programme rules.
The general aim of the project is to prevent homophobic cyber-bullying among young people: a form of bullying
that takes place over digital devices and platforms like mobile phones, computers, social media and tablets
perpetrated against
LGBTQI youth (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intrasexual).
The main object will be reached through the attainment of the following specific objectives:

  1. Promotion of a respectful language used through digital devices and platforms referred to LGBTQI;
  2. Spreading a respectful and appropriate language against LGBTQI, particularly in the use of internet and social media;
  3. Creating a permanent network of youth association and Youth Workers to promote prevention and raise awareness on the theme of the homophobic cyber-bulling.

    Specifically, the proposal virtual activities involve youth workers giving them the opportunity to develop a virtual
    exchange project with other colleagues from different countries.
    Thanks to the project, youth workers will come true factors of change preventing homophobic cyber bullying by guiding and supporting young people inside and outside the consortium.