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InterSport – IS 101090395

The project will be an Erasmus Plus Sport Small Collaborative partnerships, according to Erasmus Plus
Programme rules.
“IS” general objective is to raise awareness on intersex-related issues in the field of sports, by bringing
together the key staff of five European sport/youth organizations in order to foster awareness-raising, mutual
learning, cooperation and exchange of good practices in the field of intervention. As such, the project’s
specific objectives are to

  • raise awareness on intersex-related issues in the field of sports through the study of available
    data and existing policies, the exchange of good practices with other sport/youth organizations
    and the direct dialogue with the target groups;
  • increase coaches’/trainers’/youth workers’ socio-professional skills in order to enable them to offer higher quality services and to better address intersex people’s needs through sports;
  • promote the exchange of good practices at the EU level and create transnational efforts in order
    to raise other sport organizations’ awareness as well as to promote continued partnerships on
    the theme of intervention. We are aware that to reach our GOAL we need to involve as many
    people as possible. We have defined a strategy of active involvement of heterogeneous
    stakeholders. It will be important to involve other European and national networks with the same
    mission of this project.

Kick Off Meeting

Megara 29/01/2023

The Kick off meeting (KOM) is the first meeting between partners and was held in Megara, Greece, hosted by the association Youth Horizon.

Representatives of organisations used this opportunity to exchange good practice and to deepen synergies between them and the complementarity of their skills and capacities.

Representatives of partner organisations have defined all aspects of project implementation and all activities in which organisations will be involved. After an introduction and making sure that the partners are aligned in terms of project objectives, the expected results of the project were defined together and each partner shared their intentions about sharing project results.

Objectives: Promote team building, mutual knowledge and structured coordination amongst the project 

partners + Surveys preparation to analyse the target groups’ needs and collect key data on common 

practices and perceptions + Awareness-raising workshop: promote first exchanges on intersex-related 

issues in sport, including through the exchange of good practices, analysis of available data, study of 

existing EU policies and the promotion of joint discussions on the factors influencing their level of 

participation and to be addressed by the sport sector.