Costruire ponti territoriali per migliore esperienza di viaggio a beneficio delle comunità locali

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Programme: Erasmus+

Key Action: KA2 small-scale partnership

Action Type: VET – vocational education and training

Start: 28-02-2022 – End: 27-02-2024

Project Reference: 2021-1-IT01-KA210-VET-000034514

EU Grant: 60.000 EUR

L’obiettivo generale consiste nell’aumentare le opportunità professionali in ambito turistico per generare un’offerta di valore e qualità che vede teatro, rappresentazioni artistiche e turismo in un lavoro sinergico per convergere in forma innovativa verso un unico obiettivo che contempli contestualmente lo sviluppo del territorio e l’esperienza del viaggio. Questo goal verrà raggiunto tramite il raggiungimento di altri due obiettivi specifici, in particolare:

  • lo sviluppo di competenze trasversali e transettoriali dei protagonisti dell’arte per favorire l’ingresso in ambito turistico delle espressioni artistiche come parte attiva e altamente innovativa, generando consapevolezza di nuove opportunità professionali e affermandosi come garanti della tutela tanto del territorio quanto del patrimonio culturale, materiale e immateriale.
  • consolidamento della partnership e scambio di buone pratiche. Secondo il metodo del learning by doing si definiranno ruoli, rapporti e opportunità. I partecipanti svilupperanno capacità di operazione in ambiti diversi dal proprio rispondendo con resilienza e capacità di cambiamento in un mercato in continua evoluzione.

Tali obiettivi verranno raggiunti tramite lo svolgimento di attività che vedono coinvolti i membri dello staff delle associazioni facenti partner del consorzio. Oltre al kick off meeting appena svoltosi, necessario ad illustrare gli aspetti che concorrono a delineare i confini del progetto, è previsto un training virtuale in materia di turismo e un workshop transnazionale. 

Risultati attesi saranno la creazione di un e-book, in formato digitale open source, che delinei percorsi formativi diretti ai professionisti dell’arte e ai docenti per l’acquisizione e accrescimento delle competenze in ambito turistico e delle competenze trasversali necessarie per adattarsi ai cambiamenti in corso. 


Programme: Erasmus+

Key Action: KA2 small-scale partnership

Action Type: VET – vocational education and training

Start: 28-02-2022 – End: 27-02-2024

Project Reference: 2021-1-IT01-KA210-VET-000034514

EU Grant: 60.000 EUR

The general objective is to increase professional opportunities in the tourism sector to generate an offer of value and quality that sees theater, artistic representations and tourism in a synergistic work to converge in an innovative way towards a single objective that simultaneously contemplates the development of the territory and travel experience.

This goal will be achieved through the achievement of two other specific objectives, in particular:

  • the development of transversal and cross-sectoral skills of the protagonists of art to facilitate the entry into the tourism sector of artistic expressions as an active and highly innovative part, generating awareness of new professional opportunities and establishing themselves as guarantors of the protection of both the territory and the cultural heritage, material and immaterial.
  • consolidation of the partnership and exchange of good practices. According to the learning by doing method, roles, relationships and opportunities will be defined. Participants will develop operational skills in areas other than their own by responding with resilience and the ability to change in an ever-changing market.

These objectives will be achieved by carrying out activities involving the staff members of the associations that are partners of the consortium. In addition to the kick off meeting just held, necessary to illustrate the aspects that contribute to delineating the boundaries of the project, there will be a virtual training on tourism and a transnational workshop.

Expected results will be the creation of an e-book, in open source digital format, which outlines training courses aimed at art professionals and teachers for the acquisition and growth of skills in the tourism sector and the transversal skills necessary to adapt to the changes underway.


Il kick off meeting del progetto “BUILDING TERRITORIAL BRIDGES for the best travel experience and for the benefit of local communities”, finanziato dalla Commissione Europea grazie al programma Erasmus+ , piccola collaborazione nel settore VET, è avvenuto il 28 Aprile 2022 a Roma ed ha visto la partecipazione del personale di staff delle associazioni del consorzio. In particolare, FACTORY 1342 come leader di progetto, insieme alle associazioni Viaje a la Sostenibilidad (Spagna), Youth Horizons M.K.O. (Grecia), Active Culture (Lithuania), Consorzio Materahub Industrie Culturali e Creative (Italia).

The kick off meeting of the project “BUILDING TERRITORIAL BRIDGES for the best travel experience and for the benefit of local communities”, funded by the European Commission through the Erasmus+ program, small collaboration in the VET sector, took place on April 28, 2022 in Rome and was attended by the staff of the associations of the consortium. In particular, FACTORY 1342 (Italy) as project leader, together with the associations  Viaje a la Sostenibilidad (Spain), Youth Horizons M.K.O. (Greece), Active Culture (Lithuania), Consorzio Materahub Industrie Culturali e Creative (Italy).

Project Consortium: KICK OFF MEETING 28 of April 2022/Rome (Italy)


Hi Dears

please find attached Training online activity details.

To give a better structure I have reorganized the live sessions and the recorded ones. This to give a linear sense to the thematic.

Please, all of us has to give maximum visibility and involvement for greater participation to the activity. 

– I think is important to present each partner before training starts, so please send us a small video of your self (maximum 1 minute for each)

– Please send us even your facebook and instagram profiles for posts, tags and include you in the group of the masterclass.

– Those who have to do live session could send us power point two days before training starts, so we can prepare questionnaire and start doing draft of the manual.

– Please, send us name/surname, e-mail and professional field of trainers who will do live session.

Below is the link on Facebook



On 30 April 2023, the BUILDING TERRITORIAL BRIDGES -for the best travel experience and for the benefit of local communities project, funded by the European community, was held in Megara, Greece.

Participants from Greece, Italy and Spain had the opportunity to get to know each other and work together to promote tourism and the arts.

All participants were splited in 2 groups.

 One side was Tourism & the other side was Art.

Participants were asked to position themselves according to where they feel closer – to art or tourism ? Every participant explained their position briefly.

Participants were asked to share what is their personal belief about which is the connection between art and tourism ? Participants shared their thoughts easily after the where I stand exercise, since they had the chance to share different point of views & how to combine them.

Participants were asked to come up with an idea of an artistic performance to be implemented and connected with the important touristic site of Megara that has been assigned to each group. They had to point out what benefits would the local community & touristic site would have and what benefits the tourists would have from this performance. The task was about puƫng the participants in a process where they had to think about the performance they could make They were asked to write down the idea for the artistic performance. (For example: Flashmob, Concert, Small theatrical).

Main Objective of the video: Raise the awareness & spotlight on the site itself

That workshop was about creating the idea of the performance that groups could implement

1st Group: Ancient Holy Trinity Wall & Lagoon of Megara

2nd Group: Pachi, Megara

3rd Group: Orsipos Statue

4th Group: Byzas Statue 5th Group: Fountain of Theagenes

Mix the results of the previous workshop Same groups will assign one idea of performance
for each group. Each group will have to perform (simulate) and record the performance. Of
course the can make minimum changes on the idea.

The participants had the chance to present the videos to the entire group and share the
history behind the monument they were exhibiting.

In the room we distributed contemporary art Dixit cards. Participants were asked to pass
over them and select one that described the feelings of the entire day. Later on, we made a
circle with chairs outdoor in the Megara Hotel yard where each participant showed their
card, explained what it was showing and why they choose this card reflecting the entire day.