Facilitare le giovani mamme straniere all’inserimento nel tessuto sociale

Facilitare le giovani mamme straniere all’inserimento nel tessuto sociale

Programme: Erasmus+

Action Type: KA210-YOU – Small-scale partnerships in youth

Start: 07/04/2023

End: 07/10/2024

Project Reference: 2022-3-1T03-KA210-YOU-000093697

The project will be an Erasmus Plus KA2 YOUTH – Small-scale partnerships according to Erasmus Plus
Programme rules.
Over the last few years, the EU has become increasingly multiethnic and intercultural and has distinguished itself as the most welcoming tenitory for foreigners. However, the policies and interventions implemented over the years have highlighted the presence of many young foreign mothers, NEET, lonely and abandoned, who need gradual and lasting social inclusion interventions at the local level.

The challenge lies in the range of welfare services provided and the concrete and effective responses.

Therefore, there will be: 1) native language-digital literacy activities in partner countries, targeting young migrants, 20-26 years old, with communication difficulties, due to the lack of knowledge of the local language, the local area and the supply of its social services, 2) an EU mobility training for youth workers, to strengthen their role as social facilitators and interact synergistically with social experts, for the benefit of the project target group.

EXPECTED RESULTS: a more equitable society based on ‘100% socialintegration of migrants; a service network comanaged (+70%) by foreign mothers , capable of decreasing the gap between residents and migrants (+70%);increase in their participation in association life %/lequal to 80%; an accessibility and usability to services equal to 7O%/8O% respectively; a greater value growth of the role of the youth worker in local and non-local spheres.