Project 101090374 — WANNA



The project is aimed at the enhancement and increase of outdoor sport activities for seniors 65+. As physical inactivity is strictly linked with health conditions worsening, we want to transmit the idea of sport as well-being generator, together with sustainability good practices, according with Workplan UE Sport 2021-2024 (Green sport, Promoting Physical Activity).

More specifically, in order to have an innovative as well as enjoyable approach, we focus our attention on the spread of knowledge and exercise of Nordic walking, a simple and affordable practice with sticks, suitable for all ages, in valuable, sometimes little known, naturalistic environments; on the creation of a tailored, multidisciplinary training for instructors, including local ecology, healthy nutrition hints. as to develop original and stimulating paths; on the publication of information guides for each theme, widely accessible through eLearning platform, to communicate benefits of Nordic walking, as well as the acquaintance of valuable peculiarities of local ecosystems, useful for territories promotion too.

We encourage trainers, coaches, researchers, sport amateurs, citizens participation in workshops and laboratories during 18 months, with public bodies cooperation. The project is divided into 3 phases, conducted in partners countries: analysis of local needs and good practices exchange, training laboratories and events for active involvement, creation of guidelines and tutorials, easily usable and replicable as a model to encourage sport activity over 65 and environmental consciousness in other European contexts.