Digital Education Cyber Inclusion

Programme: Erasmus+

Action Type: KA210-VET – Small-scale partnerships in vocational education and training

Start: 01/09/2022 – End: 01/03/2024

Project Reference: 2022-1-IT01-KA210-VET-000081092

EU Grant: 60.000 EUR

The project will be an Erasmus Plus KA210-VET – Small-scale partnerships according to Erasmus Plus Programme rules.

“Digital Education Cyber Inclusion” has the general purpose of equipping learners between 18 and 25 who aspire to work in organizations in defense of LGBTQI rights, with digital skills to combat homo-transphobic cyberbullying, through the pursuit of objectives specific:

1.Improve the digital skills of trainers for the identification of homo-transphobic cyberbullying acts;

2. Develop methods of intervention against the phenomenon to be transferred to the learners.

The activities implemented will be:

1. Training cours to improve the digital skills of trainers in identifying the phenomena of homo-transphobic cyberbullying;

2. Workshop for the creation of specific intervention guidelines against the phenomena identified to be transferred to the learners.

Thanks to the training course, there will be a 60% improvement in skills on the part of trainers and the creation of a community of permanent exchange between sector operators and 7 video-tutorials relating to digital identification tools. Through the second activity, the workshop, specific digital intervention guidelines will be developed and trainers will feel more ready by at least 50% than before, in transferring intervention guidelines to learners.