SportivaMente – 101089527

The project will be an Erasmus Plus Sport Small Collaborative partnerships, according to Erasmus Plus Programme rules.

The project intends to promote a greater awareness and knowledge of eating disorders among teachers of dance schools and instructors of specific sports disciplines, in order to contribute to prevention work among young athletes. The project proposal aims at fostering cooperation between different countries through the definition of joint actions and initiatives to encourage healthy lifestyles in a synergic way with the promotion of psychological health. The project starts from the awareness of the consequences of the pandemic on young people also. The health emergency has had a strong influence on sports practice, eating styles and psychological health. The proposal, therefore, will support the development of skills linked to a greater awareness of health, also defined by the OMS as a state of complete physical, psychological and social well-being. An intercultural dialogue between sports instructors and dance teachers will be encouraged in order to identify good practices to raise awareness among sports staff on eating disorders and prevent the onset of discomfort and difficulties in relation to body image and fitness. This helps to promote the view of sporting activity as a means of fostering a healthy lifestyle but also as a tool to prevent behaviour that is harmful to physical and psychological health. It is expected that there will be a greater awareness and sensitisation with respect to a complex discomfort in terms of the symptomatic characteristics with which it presents itself and with respect to the causes that can provoke it. This objective can be achieved through the organisation of local events, international meetings and the dissemination of products created through intercultural and inter-professional dialogue.