I play EUnified, you?

I play EUnified, you? – 101090613 — IPEU

The project will be an Erasmus Plus Sport Small Collaborative partnerships, according to Erasmus Plus
Programme rules.
“IPEU” will have the general objective of encouraging the involvement and participation in unified sport
activities of young people with ID from 8 to 12 years old and enhance theIR inclusion in sport environments
where young people with and without ID coexist and learn to know each other. The specific objectives are: to
increase the knowledge of 8-12 years old with ID and their families about good practices of integration of
young people with ID, and local and international organizations that offer unified sport activities for people
with ID; to provide more opportunities for people with ID to try different unified sports and deepen how to adapt different sports to their necessities and desires; to reduce preconceptions and prejudices about the
impossibility of people with ID to participate in sport activities on the same level as their peers without ID.