Sport-IN-g – Praticando l’Inclusione

Programme: Erasmus+

Action Type: KA210-YOU – Small-scale partnerships in youth

Start:01/03/2023 – End: 01/03/2024

Project Reference: 2022-3-IT03-KA210-YOU-000100314

The project will be an Erasmus Plus KA210-YOUTH- Small-scale partnerships according to Erasmus Plus
Programme rules.
Objectives: What do you want to achieve by implementing the project?
The objectives we want to achieve by implementing the project, are mainly two and strongly linked:

  1. The increasing of the information regarding the world of mixed/inclusive sport and specifically of the discipline
    named “Baskin”.
  2. The first objective will carry us to another increasing, this time of double inclusion in mixed sport, made for
    people with disability and people without at the same time for the same context.

Implementation: What activities are you going to implement?
The activities we’re going to implement will be: in the first phase of the project each participant will lead a personal local research, that will be useful during the mobility for the creation of a guidebook of good practice that will be shared on the website and presented by the participants during the webinar of the Infoday. The final event will be a Baskin match which will signed the win of the inclusion.
Results: What results do you expect your project to have?
The expected results are:

  1. Each participant will improve his knowledge and tools in the field of inclusion, mostly linked to the world of sport and disability.
  2. The creation of the website dedicated to the project and its activities will be a vehicle for the life of an active and cooperating community working in this field.
  3. Enforcement of the European network working in this field thanks to the promotion of the shared objectives of European Union.