Programme: Erasmus+

Action Type: KA210-YOU – Small-scale partnerships in youth

Start: 01/09/2022 – End: 01/03/2024

Project Reference: 2022-1-IT03-KA210-YOU-000081334

EU Grant: 60.000 EUR

The project will be an Erasmus Plus KA210-YOUTH – Small-scale partnerships according to Erasmus Plus Programme rules.
The project aims at combating cyberbullying among teenagers by enhancing digital youth work. The partnership between
Italy, Spain and Lithuania will pursue the following objectives:

  • increasing the knowledge and skills of young youth workers to fight cyberbullying from an inclusive perspective;
  • to promote the implementation of digital tools in the youth work practices.
    Face-to-face and virtual activities will be mixed in a blended mobility path that will promote collaborative learning and teamwork both offline
    and online. The constant presence of an experienced facilitator and the use of a non-formal methodology will ensure that youth workers
    will be protagonists of their learning processes and professional enrichment.
    The project will develop a transnational network in which to actively confront each other and cooperate at European level in order to
    achieve a common goal, conceived in an inclusive perspective. An interactive digital educational pathway will be realised on an e-learning
    platform in order to make as many people as possible, both youngsters and adults, aware of the need to fight cyberbullying and develop
    digital well-being.